TelOne Bill Payment via EcoCash Disappears

Coins Banknotes Money Currency  - stevepb / Pixabay

We have just received a complaint about TelOne’s TelPay.

I paid my Telone bill via through Ecocash on the 5th of October but i am yet to be receipted.

I have contacted both parties and they promised to engage and find closure on the issue. Up to this day i have not known the fate of my  payment, needless to say i have failed to access services from Telone like 6pm to 6am promotion because i am considered an overdue client.

Given the liquidity problems i cannot manage to cash out and pay my bills in cash and transfers are practical for me but as of now i cannot make further payments if i need to chase up like this to get receipted.

I feel the two organisations are hiding poor service delivery through bureaucracy. Please help.

Are TelOne and EcoCash ripping people off? Or are they just failing to get their systems in order?

Either way, we’ve reached out to both companies on social media.