Dial-A-Delivery Stole My Change

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When you call Dial-A-Delivery, they usually ask you if you require any change.

I have been such a regular customer over the years that I don’t even wait for the question – when they tell me how much it costs (including that ridiculously high $5 delivery charge) I tell them how much change I’ll need.

This evening, I told them I needed change from $20 for a $15.50 bill. Their delivery man only brought $4.

So, now I’ve been short-changed 50c.

Do I yell at the driver, and make sure he understands that it’s unacceptable for them to basically appropriate my money?

Do I call the number again, and yell at the person on the other end to make the point that this just isn’t on?

Where does my money go? Back to the shop? Is it a de facto “tip by ginya”?

Whatever it is, it’s not cool. If I request change of a certain amount, I expect the full amount. Anything less is pure theft. What worries me is the SCALE at which this could possibly be happening. How many people are forfeiting their 50c coins, and how much does that total each day?

It’s simple – if you cannot provide coin change, do not add cent charges to your prices. How do you charge 50c for something when you have no 50c change?

The onus is on the business owner to provide exact change, because once I have tendered the full price, the ball is in your court. At no point have I ever asked a Nandos teller to give me food when I was 50c short, and I never would!

The change issue in supermarkets has been (mostly) solved, so it’s pretty disconcerting to note that Innscor are still engaging in what is basically theft.

I have immediately stopped being a customer of their Dial-A-Delivery service, and woe betide the next food court cashier who tries to give me mineral water in lieu of cash.