CABS hike RTGS fees

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I just tried to do an inter-bank transfer via RTGS, from my CABS online banking.

Luckily, I always read the print, because they’re not charging $11.00 for one transfer.

That’s right. Eleven united states dollars. In Zimbabwe.

To put this in perspective, on the 24th of May it cost me $5.00.

On the 27th of June, it had gone up to $6.

A workmate was charged the same six dollars on Tuesday, the 2nd of July.

Today, Friday the 5th July 2013, an RTGS transfer out of CABS Online is costing a grand total of eleven dollars.

That’s a lot. Although, apparently Standard Chartered are charging $15.

I don’t understand the price increases, and there are no bank charges on their website, so have forwarded this to CABS for clarification.

I hope they respond.