Dear Ster Kinekor

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Firstly, welcome back to Zimbabwe!

So, I am one of those people that loves going to the movies…great date night, night out with some buddies or a nice thing to do with the munchkins in the family (i.e. my nieces and nephew).

When Ster Kinekor re-opened in Zimbabwe, I was stoked. Watching those epic movies that have come out over the last few years on a Jack Sparrow DVD was just sad….

The prices are pretty reasonable – $4.00 for a normal movie and $5 for a 3D movie. In the States a ticket is about $8.00 in Australia it is about $13.00 and in SA it is about $53.00 … I think we are good.

The problem – the whole experience is being ruined by how the movie complexes are being run.

Stale popcorn: half the fun of going to the movies, especially with little ones is that they get to have some junk food. Very few snacks are offered and on more than one occasion the “Slush Puppy” has run out…nothing sadder that little disappointed faces. (Not to mention the adults that were slushy-less!)

Lights: why, oh why, would you start the movie with the house lights still beaming their fluorescence onto the screen? So I do not get to see the beginning of the movie? Do I get a pro rata refund?

Late-comers: if you cannot be at the movie on time, why should you be allowed to shuffle past me and ruin my experience…with the usual, “excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, pardon me, excuse me.” chorus!

Trailers: I miss trailers…our movies here in Zim start immediately at the advertised start time….how about a couple of adverts(it’s revenue for YOU) and a couple of previews. This would also allow the late-comer shuffle to be a little less annoying

Credits: the credits are part of the movie. They cannot stop the movie during the credits….my other half is a comic book fan and at the end of Iron Man…as per most Marvel comic movies…there is a little tid bit relating to the next movie…being the fan that he is, we had to watch that scene with the house lights blazing and two guys chatting away while cleaning the cinema for the next show. Not cool!

Eastgate vs. Westgate: the experiences at the 2 different venues are so different. At Eastgate they only start selling tickets 10 minutes before the start of the movie…and then go to buy 3D glasses….and then no trailers so you are late……….eeek!!!

Ster Kinekor, please fix my movie watching experience so that I do not go running back to Jack Sparrow with my projector and microwave popcorn!

Kind Regards,
Movie Fan