StanChart ATMs dispense torn notes (updated)

A cash withdrawal was done at the Standard Chartered ATM, down on Nelson Mandela Avenue and Second Street (or whatever it’s called now).

Apparently this isn’t the first time it has happened. Some notes are chewed in the corners, almost like acid has been at them. Others are torn and sellotaped back together. Now, if you live in Harare, you’ll know that getting any vendor or retailer to take a note in this condition is nigh on impossible.

The last place I’d expect to receive something like this is from an ATM.

The ATM slip, showing the time and other details
The ATM slip, showing the time and other details

One of the notes that came out is possibly the worst USD $100 note I’ve ever seen. I expect this kind of damage with singles and $2 notes, which are more widely used.

Torn in two, stapled back together
Torn in two, stapled back together

I would also expect a bank to stop circulating notes this damaged. I mean, come on, it’s a Benjamin that’s TORN IN HALF and stapled back together. Who does that?

Stapled together
Stapled together

Standard Chartered Bank in Harare does, that’s for damn sure.



“I went to the counter, the teller apologized for the inconvenience. Explained that sometimes a bad note can be missed because for bulk deposits, they use money counters.”

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