ZOL Home Internet Slows To A Crawl

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We got this from a frustrated Zimbabwe OnLine customer.

ZOL is selling a home plus package for $59 dollars that has speeds “up to 1MB”. Thats a good deal and it was for a month.

But 2 weeks ago it just started being extremely slow, I called their support team, we would go over settings until I ran out of airtime.

Me and a friend on the same package went to the ZOL offices on wednesday to get to the bottom of this and ended up spending 3 hours there only to be told the package we are on works best at night, which it doesn’t.

The solution we were given was to upgrade to the business package which cost $99. The thing that irritates me most is that they couldn’t admit that they had oversubscribed and that they couldn’t fix the problem.

They admitted to shaping the bandwidth but didn’t notify their customers that this was happening. After all of this they are no longer replying emails, each time I call I spend $5 of airtime on hold.

Just opening my email is a problem, If I was getting a quarter of the speed I was getting initially I wouldn’t complain.

There are a lot more complaints and stories on their facebook page and they don’t seem to respond to their customers satisfaction.

We’ll see how long it takes for ZOL to respond to these customers.