ZINARA’s Enterprise Road tollgate

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Dear Consumerism,

I am writing to complain bitterly about the ZINARA run Enterprise Road Toll Gate situated just after the Shamva turn off coming from Murehwa.

I was returning to Harare from a friends farm near Blue Ridge on Sunday evening when we were confronted by a long queue of vehicles spanning atleast 3,5km (almost from the Pig Industry Board turn off all the way to the toll gate) consisting of cars and buses with people that I assume had taken their children back to various boarding schools in that direction and generally people coming from all walks of life in preparation for work the next day.

This traffic jam was also joined by the traffic trickling in from the Shamva direction of which a long queue had also started to build up. This unnecessary traffic build up was caused by this newly introduced computerization of the temporary booths constructed by Zinara (Please note that I am not talking about the new Dual Toll Plaza’s on the Plumtree to Mutare Highway but the ones constructed by Zinara itself).

These single booths for each direction were built without taking into consideration the potential build up of traffic or in the event of system failure of their computer programme which has the capacity to cause serious traffic backlogs and this is a really big problem for us motorists as it causes fatigue and impatience among drivers as the kombis were now taking to the wrong side and nearly causing accidents.

This has got to be addressed before people die of road carnage especially at this particular toll gate.

Concerned Citizen