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Over the years, I have complained numerous times about unsolicited SMS messages.

I have complained here, I have complained elsewhere, I have complained on Twitter and Facebook and on the phone and in person.

In a few instances, particularly where I tweeted Econet directly, they would make a token effort and respond and even call me directly.

In all these instances, I was promised repeatedly that I would be removed from the SMS list, and would never receive promotional texts again.

Each person who phoned me assured me that my number was off the list, and there must be a technical issue with the relevant department and it would be resolved.

Of late, it seems they’ve stopped caring. They don’t even bother replying my tweets anymore, and there is deafening silence on the issue of promotional texts.

I even received a couple yesterday, and immediately tweeted Econet about it, with no responce on the horizon, either via twitter itself of by phone call.

I can only conclude that they’ve stopped caring how I feel about promotional SMS. They decided that, despite all their earlier promises and assertions to the contrary, I shall continue to receive these promotional texts, whether I like it or not.

That’s fine, I just want it clear and on the record. Econet can pretend and lie that they care about their customers, and that they want to help and have our welfare at heart.

In truth, they don’t. Econet seem to care only about their bottom line, and neither you nor I mean anything to them except hard dollars.

Which is unfortunate.

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  1. Joe Ruzvidzo says:

    Thanks a lot for that John. Too bad I don’t use Android (it’s pure nonsense) but I’m sure this will be helpful.

  2. John Oxley says:

    If you use an Android phone have a look at SMS Blocker:

    I have been using the free version for a few months now and after a small amount of training, it has lowered my blood pressure significantly.

    I have all SMSes from Econet go silently (the important part) to a spam folder which I look at every few days. You still see the messages, but your phone doesn’t sound an alert.

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