TelOne ADSL is Daylight Robbery

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We received this over the weekend:

Telone ADSL services have improved substantially over that last year. I subscribed with them at a time when it was quite slow and most of my mates just thought it was useless. However I’m impressed, real value for my money. $31 for 10GB. I mainly use it for work and research browsing for my studies but from time to time when depressed or bored, I stream effortlessly on Youtube and downloads are fairly quick with very few hiccups than before, BUT I have a few grievances.

So….recently, I was making a prepayment for my ADSL package, out of curiosity, I asked if my current data bundles balance would be carried forward to the next month, but the Customer services lady at their Julias Nyerere branch said “No”. Meaning if I had a valid 2GB and wanted to prepay for the next month, they will press the reset button (just-like-that?) and start on a clean slate of the 10GB, that you get after paying $31.

I then told the Customer services lady that “there is no value or incentive in making a prepayment then”, her response was advising to pay in advance because perhaps on the day I want to get reconnected their network may be down and it will be a bigger inconvenience. To avoid wasting time on a convo that was going no where fast, I left and proceeded with my day.

I’m reaching out to the peeps at Consumerizim to please help me and other voiceless subscribers get our bundles credited onto the next month, coz this is daylight robbery to me. TelOne, I want to keep supporting you but don’t do us like this.

Yours Sincerely,

Disgruntled Telone ADSL subscriber

This doesn’t make any sense at all – you can buy your bundles, but it’s a matter of “use it or lose it” before the month is out?

That is simply not fair.