CABS Internet Banking Goes Mad

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Change is hard. For someone set in their ways (like me) any little change in the way I do things makes me go nuts.

That is why the new banking system that CABS has introduced is annoying in the extreme.

Firstly, they’ve changed my account number. My account number which I knew by head, have had for many, many years. That is okay in itself, not a big train-smash.

The biggest effect, on me at least, is the Internet Banking. CABS had the first, best, simplest, most intuitive online banking system around. All I needed was a browser, and could access my funds and do all I needed to do online.

That has all changed … today.

Instead of just using my username and (secure, alphanumeric) password anywhere on the planet, and many a time from my cellphone, I now have to carry a little piece of hardware around with me.

Now I need my username, a four-digit PIN (I mean, really?) and a token device, which generates a one-time numeric password each time I log in.

That means if I’m going to use my Internet Banking account, anywhere, anytime, I need this little token device with me. It’s not sized for my wallet, that would be far too convenient. It’s attached to my keyring.

That puts a serious hamstring on my ability to use the CABS online banking system, because really, I don’t always have a set of keys on me. For that reason alone, this is inconvenient.

I’m not resisting change for resistance’s sake – that is futile, in this case.

I’m just annoyed.