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We received this from a disgruntled Africom customer on Friday:

We have been Africom subscribers for almost a year using about 5 dongles.

This service was running smoothly and obviously was a lot cheaper than running on Econet Internet where we pay $50 for 2Gigs worth of Data per month but they have now introduced this special of $35,00 for unlimited service per month which has been chaotic as the internet service has become dead slow and causing disruptions to our business as we now sometimes have to go to internet shops to receive or send mail as their slow internet can hardly access our servers.

We have called them on numerous occasions only to be told that they have a permanent problem of slow and disrupted internet service for those customers that use the Dongles and the management is aware of this problem and the whole company is waiting for certain “undisclosed” decisions to be made which will eradicate the problem while the customer suffers.

My biggest problem is that they have not published anything to this effect and that the customers have to continuously call them to find out why they are getting a near non existent service and I think this is really taking us for granted.

A lot of businesses have invested a lot in internet based programmes that need constant internet connections and I think Africom is supposed to be responsible enough to understand this and we are seriously considering other I.S.P options because this is unacceptable!

We’ve forwarded this post to the Africom leadership.

As usual.