ZESA infrastructure is falling apart

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We all feel the pinch of power issues, and we have for years. Rarely has the cause of our issues been so clear-cut and obvious, sitting virtually on our doorstep, like this junction box.

ZESA infrastructure is generally shoddy, but this example, sitting close to Limbikani’s home, is a prime example. To wit;

took some photos of this ZESA box along 4th street. The box has live high power voltage but is left open mustreet yakangodaro. i know it’s live coz I live close to it and we’ve had to collect ZESA guys to work on it a number of times. If you check closely you’l also see there are some thick wires used in place of fuses. this is not procedural and is the reason why gadgets in people’s homes are destroyed by high voltage surges; there are just no fuses to cut it it out before yapinda mumadhen.

I don’t know how hard you have to beat a drum before it makes a sound, but whaling on ZESA is an exercise in futility. All we can do is forward this story to management, and see if we can’t shake some sense out of that particular tree.

Watch this space.