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We got this from Matt yesterday, who took time out of his Valentine’s festivities to send out a public “Thank you” to his Internet Service Provider.

Just thought I would post a quick Thank You.

Over the years I have had a lot of issues with my internet (to be fair, not always YoAfrica’s fault, but I pay them for the service so they my first port of call when I am offline).

Recently my ADSL line went down due to rain, a car crash, general fault, who knows.  So I emailed support and got the usual “Your support request has been logged”.  Normally this is the last I hear from anyone.  However this time I received a phone call with some suggestions, when those did not work an acknowledgement that the problem was with my phone line and the fault had been passed on to Telone.

A couple of days later my Internet came back on and I received another call to ask if it was working and if everything was OK.

My Internet took no less time than usual to be fixed, but the fact YoAfrica called twice to check the problem and ask if I had been attended to was MOST welcome, it just shows someone got my query and was attending to it, and as a consumer that is all we ask.  Things break, we know that, but the fact they phoned and interacted with me made the whole process a million times better.  It showed they are at least trying to offer the best service they can with what they have available to them.

A big thank you to whoever put this new system in place and I hope it continues.

Now doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart? Always nice when someone gives you a reason to praise rather than scold them.

Disclaimer: YoAfrica currently keep me in beer and cigarettes, but that in no way distracts from Matt’s praise.