TelOne Data Disappearing

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There appear to be data leakages using TelOne ADSL, according to one of their customers.

They forwarded us a detailed complaint they sent to TelOne management, as they don’t seem to be having any joy.

Dear Mrs. Mtasa & Mr. Nkala,

We have been a client of TelOne’s ADSL since 2012 and have never experienced any problems till now; what we have is the Home Plus 10GB package. Ever since July after paying our account and TelOne configuring our modem our data has been literally disappearing within an average of 3 to 4 days. As I write this email this is the 4th time alone since July.

So far we have been constantly engaging TelOne Marondera and the information on hand is as follows:

1. The only 2 individuals that use this connection on 2 laptops, myself for Skype and emails and my mother for emails mainly and streaming.

2. No other individuals have access to this account and there are only 3 devices – 2 Toshiba Laptops and a Nokia phone on this connection.

3. Since we have had the connection in 2012 – with the same usage rates we have never run out of data. TelOne checked our usage history which is consistent.

4. This problem has started since July when we paid our account for the month and TelOne asked that we bring in our modem for configuration and we have since experienced this issue four times since then.

5. We were asked to pay to be reconnected whilst the problem is being resolved and we did, but it is still occurring.

6. Despite the above this morning our connection is down and since the 21st when our complaint was filed we have not had any feedback from TelOne as to the cause of the problem and a proposed solution. To be asked to pay once again to have it restored will be very unfair as we have been patient and understanding despite the inconveniences caused by this problem.

7. We have asked TelOne to ensure we have up time and inform us. We are then willing to put it in writing that should the problem persist and telOne’s investigation uncover that the problem is on the client side we are more than willing to pay for the vouchers issued to us in arrears.

8. We have repeatedly asked TelOne to identify the devices that have access so we know if the problem is on our side but they said that are unable to.

9. We asked if we could have access to our account and monitor its usage so that we are able to alert TelOne if something is out of the ordinary and client services said it is not possible.

Preventative measures we have taken include:

1. Changing our password at TelOne

2. We have had both laptops checked to make sure no downloads are happening in the background

3. We have taken to switching off the modem for the last 3 days and only using it during the evening when I am home. Coupled with the ZESA problems we cannot have used it for more than 24hrs these past couple of days

This morning I visited the TelOne Office:

TelOne’s official position is that we the client will need pay regardless and Upgrade to the infinity package account up until the problem has been resolved or we (TelOne Officials) will be fired should there be an audit. The problem started after the configuration of the modems from Marondera to Mutare, there are 95 other customers with the same problem in the Home Plus 10GB package and TelOne does not want to lose revenue so if we would like to have a connection we will have to pay.

When asked if we pay and the problem is indeed on TelOne how will we be compensated, the answer we received was that it will be decided once the issue has been identified. No timelines were given.

The position from TelOne reads that the problem has been identified and it is not the clients fault. Would it not be a win win if TelOne restores our modems/ account back to previous settings till a solution has been provided. We have already paid $50.00 twice over our monthly charge so by giving us up time TelOne has not lost revenue?

We are now entering into the long holiday, I will need my connection as I have to work and especially due to the structure of our company and time differences between the US & Asia I work engage with my colleagues mainly during the evening. I have come to your offices as this issue seems to be reoccurring without a solution in site and if I cannot have an internet connection it will entail a daily trip to Harare over the weekend. Should I be asked to pay again to have it restored there are no guarantees that my data will last more than 4 days.

Please may you kindly assist as we have been good client both at our home and our businesses.

Update: Friday they recharged the account, I not used my PC till Wednesday morning and 4 hours later 10GB has disappeared again.

We have forwarded this post to TelOne Management as well, with hopes for a timely response.

As ever, we keep our fingers crossed.