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Continuing with the complaints we are receiving about Econet Wireless services, we received a new comment from Richard in Sydney, Australia.

Only in Zimbabwe does a company like econet survive! Econet is the most unethical and downright ripoff telco to be found anyway in the word! Twice now I have suffered at their hands first time having arrived in the country for business and purchased 2.5G (US$55) of data to cover me for my 10 business days and as I do the trip every 2 months, any left over would be used on subsequent visits. 2.5GB used up checking emails in 2 days is a record even by day light robbers, but not econet. I guess foolish I am too for being stung 2 times first on 12 April 2015 and then 18 July 2015 where each time I had purchased 2.5 GB data, completely run out by just checking emails in 2 days; no netflix streaming services, just 2 x 24 hours ironically even whilst I sleep and not connected!

Anywhere else in the world, even South Africa, Kenya, Australia, UK, UAE I normally pay for 3GB which last me 3 months (actually expire) and in those countries where infrastructure is first world or close to first world, I stream Netfilix, Sports, Live Soccer / Rugby on my wireless mobile data BUT and here is the kicker NEVER CONSUME more that 2 GB in a month!!!! In Zimbabwe thats 2 GB in a day thank you – how is that possible (no streaming, just email)!!!

On my last trip, having had enough, I went into Econet HQ and COMPLAINED, including DISMISSING as time-wasting the pathetic attempts to tell convince me it was possible though they could NOT EXPLAIN how even looking at my account!!!! I pity the econet customers with limited knowledge of IT/Telecommunications – I work in the field so I know my way around data usage; I had to put straight “unintelligent and non-plausible” make belief stories one econet technician tried spinning!

I have to conclude, the Econet business model is premised on fleecing their supposed customers. Customer service is woeful. Their technicians have close to zero product knowledge and make it up as they go hopping to bamboozle with jargon and buzz words if you don’t know you way around technology!

How can other business rely on such sub-par service? Unfortunately, as I had business meetings in Kenya and South Africa eminent (18-21 July) I had somehow found myself buying another 2.5GB which (I KID YOU NOT) lasted 1.5 days in Zimbabwe (NO ROAMING0. almost precisely to the day that I was due to leave for SA. In my complain I was informed since this was the second such issue the two issues would receive priority and an email was supposedly send up higher (supervisor/managers)…… today as of 4 August now in Australasia, I am yet to hear anything from Econet – WOW!!!

A quick 101 Business Etiquette for you Econet: “Companies provide products and services that involves customers pay for service rendered / provided parting with their hard earned dollars.” A good service keeps the client coming back as they appreciate and value the service and interaction. Imagine everyone stooped to the econet rip off your client/supplier model, where would we be as societies?

It would appear that this concept is truly foreign and not understood by Econet personnel, maybe even encouraged by their whole hierarchy. This is a case of unethical business practices that have no place in modern Zimbabwe and do more damage to the image of the country. FIX IT!!!

Richard Aus – A Global ICT User.

We shall do a comparison chart of data charges by region, just to visualise what Richard is talking about.

Watch this space.