Barclays ATMs May Steal Your Money

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We received this extremely disturbing email from Chipo this morning.

After visiting a Barclays ATM and attempting to withdraw some cash, the machine gave an error message and no cash.

Asked the bank manager what happened; he says according to ATM the money was dished out.

However upon viewing the CCTV footage, the part that should show the money being disbursed and card returned, has suspiciously been erased, yet the bank insists there is nothing they can do.

Upon asking some friends what to do, the one who referred me to this site says the same thing has happened to her twice!

I am sorry but Barclays this is literally daylight robbery and want my money back!

I’m lost for words that this can happen and all they say us there’s nothing we can do?! There’s always something they can do. And $160 is not pocket change.

It was the Marondera ATM and spoke with the manager, forget his name though… He says he referred our case to Mr Dube at head office who apparently also says nothing can be done?! Rubbish! We haven’t spoken to Mr Dube yet though.

The first problem, obviously, is that this doesn’t sound like a once-off occurrence. If there is a pattern, then Barclays must immediately do something to fix their cash machines.

Secondly, and even more disturbing, is that CCTV footage from the ATM camera has actually been erased. Where it’s supposed to show the money being received and card returned, the footage is gone.

That, in itself, indicates a more sinister action. Are Barclays employees intentionally sabotaging ATM clients, then covering their tracks by erasing CCTV footage?

Is this a case of malfunction, or is it a matter of actual theft? The missing CCTV footage indicates the latter.

As usual, we have contacted Barclays Customer Service for a response.