Directory of Private Mental Health Practitioners

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Directory of Private Mental Health Practitioners

Harare 2015

Clinical Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Psychiatrists, & Psychologists

Provided by the Therapists Support Group

This directory comes to you courtesy of the Therapists Support Group.

The Therapists Support Group is a community of mental health care professionals who meet monthly.

Our Vision: To build a community that enhances the professional growth and development of psychotherapists that promotes the highest professional practice standards with integrity to benefit our clients.
Our Mission: To provide opportunities for the professional psychotherapeutic community for education, consultation, referrals, and discussion of clinical ethical dilemmas and issues.

To the best of our knowledge the mental health professionals included in this directory are registered with Allied Health Practitioners Council or Medical and Dental Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe.

For additional copies of this directory, please contact Kathy Harter (0774 186 812) or Petra Mesu (0712 212223) or Ruth Verhey (0772 815 229).


Clinical Social Workers

Name Contact address Contact phone number/s and email
Kathy Harter

Clinical Social Worker

7 Gilmour  Drive, Borrowdale,


Part-time: Well Woman Clinic  18 East Rd, Belgravia

04 861 719

0774 186812

Focus: Eclectic psychotherapy (adults and children), individual, couples, and family therapy for treatment of depression, anxiety, marital issues and substance abuse. Specialization in elder care health issues. Particular interest in assisting families with the challenges that accompany dementia and Parkinson’s Disease, marital issues and substance abuse. Home or office visits.
Margie Herzstein

Clinical Social Worker

96 Harare Drive,



04 884 072

0772 245220

Focus: Trauma & bereavement therapy (adult & children);

Personality disorders & management chronic mental illness;

Individual therapy & emotional problems; Assertiveness training

Jenny Hunt

Clinical Social Worker

26 Maiden Drive,



04 776351

0772 248304

Focus: Palliative care

Bereavement (adults and children)


Trauma/loss-related difficulties

Val Maasdorp

Clinical Social Worker

Island Hospice

Box CY7

6 Natal Rd.,



04 701676/7

04 700930 fax




Focus: Palliative Care of those with a life threatening illness and bereavement
Trish Swift

Clinical Social Worker

34, Quendon Rd.,





0712 861247

0774 820108

Focus: All age groups except children under 12 years

Individual, marital therapy, and family therapy


Occupational Therapists


Name Contact address Contact phone number/s and email
Alison Buchard

Occupational Therapist

3 Walham St., Highlands,


04 776378


Focus: Children
Frances Foggin

Occupational Therapist

8 Foggin Cl., Highlands,


04 496133

0772 317 237

Focus: Children
Sharn Muir

Occupational Therapist

Ballantyne Park Medical Centre,

3 Ambassador Road, Harare

 0777 606 547
Focus: Adults (physical rehab & mental health)
LOTCA Cognitive Assessor & Makaton Tutor
Maggie Norton

Occupational Therapist

P.O Box CH 120




0772 255955

Focus: Teenagers
Robyn Taylor

Occupational Therapist

St John’s Prep

Rolfe Valley

0712 213 408 or 0776 240257

Focus: Paediatrics – physical and learning difficulties, early intervention and development



Name Address Contact phone number/s and email
Dr. Iris V. Simmons Chagwedera


2 Josiah Tongogara Ave.,

(corner Prince Edward St.),


04 791030

0772 472 652

Focus: Works with:   Children, adolescents, adults and family therapy

Orientation:   Adults: psychodynamic

Children and adolescents: psychodynamic or behavioral-cognitive

Dr. Dixon Chibanda


The Purple House

24  Frank Johnson Avenue



04 703565

0712 204107

Focus: Works with: adolescents and adults

Orientation: Neurofeedback, Alchol/Drug abuse & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dr. Madhombiro


36 East Road



(opposite the Botswana Embassy)

0779 856466

0714 260840

0736 330883

867 7102341

Focus: Works with : Adults

Orientation: Alcohol and drug abuse

Dr. Walter Mangezi 91 Josiah Chinamano Ave., (corner Second Street),




Reception: 0776401369




Clinical Psychologists


Name Contact address Contact phone numbers and email
Dr. Jonathan Brakarsh

Consulting Clinical Psychologist

Office 3  – Mallis Court

Glenroy Crescent (Runiville shops)  Glenara Ave. (between S.Machel and Enterprise Rd.), Highlands, Harare

04 481603

0772 302538


Focus: Child and family therapy, long term individual therapy for adults. Hypnotherapy, trauma work (EMDR), counselling of medical conditions.
Olga  Filippa

Clinical Psychologist

Chisipite Senior School

Hindhead Avenue

Chisipite, Harare

0772310361 or 04 490714


Focus: Educational Assessments, barriers to learning (ADHD, dyslexia, etc.), eclectic therapy and counseling of adolescents and their families, school counselling
Lazarus Kajawu,  Clinical Psychologist Lecturer  UZ Dept. of Psychiatry, College of Health Sciences, UZ 04 791631

0772 278 468

Focus: General Practice with special focus on HIV/AIDS, depression,
anxiety, somatisation, alcohol and substance abuse and marital
Olivia Mangwiro

Clinical Psychologist     

36 East Road, Avondale, Harare 0777864617

Focus: Adolescents, trauma, substance abuse, career testing and counseling. Orientation: Cognitive behavioral , Systemic Counseling
Sue Marland, Counseling Psychologist


The Vineyard Church,

Melton Road, Marlborough,  Harare

25 Concession Hill Road, Chegutu

053 2553

0772 340762

Focus: Family therapy. Children 10yrs and up. Adults. Psychotherapy and Christian Counseling. In Harare Thursdays & Fridays.


Petra Mesu

Clinical Psychologist


Diagnostic and Learning Centre, based at Chisipite Junior, 20 St Aubins Walk

Part-time: Well Woman Clinic  18 East Rd, Belgravia

04 853206

0712 212223

Focus: General practice – Adults and adolescents: individual and family therapy

Cognitive-behavioral and Systemic Therapy Mood (depression) and anxiety disorders.


Stella Mhiribidi

Clinical Psychologist

4 Lanark Court

Walter Hill Avenue

Eastlea, Harare


Focus: Adults and children (10 years old and up), trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, personality disorders, addictions, personal development.  Special interest in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Philip Moses

Clinical Psychologist

21 Piemonte

141 J. Chinamano Ave./6th Street





Focus: Adults and adolescents, individual and family therapy. Cognitive behavioral and systemic therapy for treatment of depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, PTSD.
Ruth Verhey

Clinical Psychologist


Mallis Court – Office 3

Glenroy Crescent (Runiville shops), Highlands

04 703565 or 04 481643 or

0772 815229

Focus: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Systemic Family Therapy, EMDR (Trauma),Eating Disorders, Hypnotherapy

Educational Psychologists


Name Contact address Contact phone number/s and email
Wendy Beamish

Educational Psychologist

St John’s College

Rolfe Valley


0772 421049 or 04 870942 or 04 850626 or  04 850388

Focus: Educational Assessments- Diagnosis of Learning Disorders, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, IQ Testing Educational

Assessments in the afternoons (career advice, subject choices, aptitude tests, interpretation of results for St. John’s)

Emily Gurupira

Educational Psychologist

3 Barrie Cl.

Greendale                        Harare

04 448031

0772 620261

Anna-Marie Lues

Clinical Psychologist with Educational Training

Diagnostic & Learning Centre based at Chisipite Junior, 20 St. Aubins Walk


Bookings: Ruth Hugan Dewhurst or


Focus: Working mostly with children and adolescents. Cognitive-Behavioral, Eclectic-as indicated, Educational assessments of diagnosis of learning disorders, ADHD, Dyslexia, IQ Testing
Lyn McElvaine Educational Psychologist



Diagnostic Learning Centre at Chisipite School


0772 595590

secretary Tracey Howard:

Focus: Educational assessments. Intelligence Testing and Diagnosis of Learning Difficulties


Occupational Psychologists


Name Contact address Contact phone number/s and email
Dr. Clive Posen Consultant Chartered Psychologist 04 703 948

Focus: Occupational & Industrial Psychology, Executive Assessment & Career Planning, Vocational Guidance & Counseling, Motivation, Organizational Design & Strategizing, Psychometric Test Development  & Standardization; Cross-cultural psychology
Felicity van de Ruit

Occupational Psychologist

Suite 19 Mon Repos Building, Newlands, Harare 04 746678

Focus: Vocational Counseling; Psychometric Testing; Personal and Career development work at an individual, group and organizational level using MBTI and/or BarOn EQ-I and other assessment tools.  CPA practitioner


Organizations & Support Groups




Contact person/


Contact phone numbers and email Focus
Adult Rape Clinic (ARC) Parienyatwa Hospital

Department of Gynecology Maternity Clinic

0733406292 or 0775 672770

Crisis intervention

Counseling for adult rape victims



Alanon Maureen: 04 495788 or Lynda –  04 860220 or 0712 882847
Alateen Cheryl: 2930925
Alcoholics Anonymous Anne:  0712 212424 or Paul:  0772 594709
Cancer Centre 60 Livingstone Ave/ 6th St.,


04 707444 or 04 707673 or 04 705522



Relaxation classes

Childline 31 Frank Johnson Rd.,

Eastlea, Harare

04734252 or 04 796741 or 04 793715


Physical & sexual abuse.

Abandoned, bullying, teen crisis.



18149 Gange Rd.


04 741 726 or 04  741719 Systemic Family Therapy long term individual therapy for all age groups
Counseling Services Unit  (CSU) 1 Raleigh St.,   Harare 04 792222 or 04 737509

04 773496 or 04  772843 and 04 772883

Helping victims of Organized Violence and Torture (OVT)
Family Support Trust Harare Central Hospital 04 668056/7

Victims of sexual abuse


Harare Christian Counseling Centre 8 Coltman Rd.,

(off the Chase) Mt.Pleasant,


04 744580 or 04 744212  or 0712 719626

Counseling &support groups. Workshops:  marriage, conflict, divorce, stress management, parenting skills
Island Hospice Island Hospice

Box CY7

6 Natal Rd.,

Belgravia, Harare

04 701676/7



Palliative care of those with life threatening illness. Bereavement of all types
MSF Rape Clinic Edith Operman

Mbare Polyclinic

0773 302081 (open daily) Medication, medical examination & collection of evidence, counseling, referral
Musasa Project 64 Selous Ave.,


04 704983 or 04 734381

Toll Free No. 08080074


Counseling & legal advice for women who are victims of abuse
Narcotics Anonymous Jan: 04 747098 or 0772268177 or 0712 204126 or

Duncan: 0772 5722894

Parkinson’s Support Group Sue Strong 0772420299 or 2930072

Support group for people with Parkinson’s Disease, their families & caregivers.
People Living with Cancer Sally 0772524093

Support group  for people with, surviours of, and carers of people with cancer.
REMTA (Remedial Teachers Association of Zimbabwe) Barbara Cravetti

Remedial teaching
Supporting Old Age Pensioners (SOAP) 0712 401047

St Giles Rehabilitation


10 Drummond Rd.,

Milton Park,


04 740955 or 04 741856 Psychological Testing: children & adults,

Counseling, School for disabled children

Zimbabwe Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Association – ZARDA Jan Wood

PO Box CH 832 Chisipite Harare

0779 714 905

Support and other resources for people suffering from dementia and their families.