CONSUMERIZIM Contributes To Harare News

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We have a major announcement, and have been dying to share it with you.

In our continuing efforts to increase the scope and reach of our consumer protection activities, we have negotiated with Harare News, a growing and exciting publication, to carry our consumer-specific articles in each issue.

Harare News has been at the forefront of tackling service delivery at the local government level. We hope to complement these commendable efforts by providing consumers with valuable information and support.

Be sure to look out for our articles in upcoming issues of Harare News, and we look forward to growing our reach across other titles and media.

The editor of Harare News, the affable Harry Davies, interviewed me on the origins and goals of CONSUMERIZIM in their latest issue.

Joe Ruzvidzo is better known as Joe Black from Twitter (@joeblackzw) – a platform whereon he is infamous for his hard-hitting commentary on the quality of services from network providers, to banks, to media and more. Indeed, even Harare News has not been spared his perfectionist wrath. But Joe is not just a noisemaker – he cares deeply about quality and delivery, and so in 2010 launched– a platform for Zimbabweans to share their experiences as consumers, good and bad.

Read the full article here.