30 More Tollgates Coming – Mpofu

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The government of Zimbabwe is planning to construct at least thirty new toll gates before the end of the year.

Quoted in the Herald, Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Obert Mpofu, said at least ten of the new toll gates should be operational before the end of the first quarter.

There are currently twenty-four operational toll gates in Zimbabwe. The prospect of having a total of over fifty before the end of 2015 will be frightening for motorists.

Given the recent 100% increase in toll fees for light vehicles to $2.00, the introduction of new collection points will be seen as an added burden by many.

The increase in tollgates is to raise money to “rehabilitate the roads”, which is money the Treasury apparently does not have.

We find it interesting that the Minister makes comparisons to South Africa, and uses Johannesburg to Pretoria as an example.

“For example, from Johannesburg to Pretoria, there are 10 tollgates and motorists pay more than $2 [R24.40] at each of them.”

The distance between Johannesburg and Pretoria is 58 kilometers, and we found this rather incredible. Fortunately, there are tools to verify such claims.

The AA in South Africa has details on toll fees available on their website.

This toll fee calculator from Isuzu (easily found via Google) puts the toll between Johannesburg and Pretoria, with a toll plaza at either end, at R16.50 ($1.35).

The government of Zimbabwe has also recently threatened to introduce urban tolling. The prospect of having a toll gate on Harare drive is not far-fetched.

We hope the vast sums being collected will be put to good use.