Zimazon.co.zw – from online order to doorstep delivery (updated)

Update  – I can no longer recommend Zimazon. Management has changed over time, and I have had recent issues with products being available on the site but no longer on Amazon.com where they seem to get their products. I’ve also just had major issues securing a refund, and was basically told that, as a customer, I’m meaningless.

So, caveat emptor. If you use them and have problems, it’s not on me. I withdraw my custom from them.

I have trouble finding stuff that I need. Usually when I find it, the price is so inflated as to be insulting, especially in my neighbourhood shopping center, Sam Levy’s Village!

That’s why it was so awesome when Zimazon.co.zw was launched, a shopping website for Zimbabweans. The idea is that you order your stuff, the weight is calculated, duty is marked up and the final price is presented to you, right there.

Once you confirm the order, it takes a fortnight to arrive, delivered to your door, and you pay the cash, transaction’s done. That may sound too good to be true, but trust me, it works. Once your order is done, you get regular email updates at each stage; Ordered, US Warehouse, Shipped, Clearing, Cleared.

Just this morning I received my second order (a Timex watch, if you must know), and the process has been smooth, easy, fast and friendly.

Of course, don’t expect the same prices you would get on Amazon et al, but for us, it’s a big deal when you consider how many middlemen are being eliminated here.

I love it when a plan comes together. Try it, you might find what you’re looking for!

The name sucks, but they could call it TengaiMuMhepoKanaMada as long as it works.


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  1. Chido Clara (@MissChiMystique) says:

    I have found the Zimazon dudes to be really good when it comes to customer service. 🙂 Im giving em a go soon

  2. Joe says:

    Only the pretensious bloggers do. It really doesn’t matter.

    My review of the service was based on my user experience with the product, so any questions of propriety or Plugging immediately fall away.

    So there. If I was a sock puppet it would matter, but since I use them any relationships r secondary.

    1. Kabweza says:

      ok. thanks for clarifying. still don’t agree but you’re the one doing the hard work of create the posts so policy is all up to you at the end of day.

  3. Joe says:

    I have no pretensions of being a journo

    1. Soul Kabweza says:

      Surely, a site (blog, magazine or any other name) that provides ‘candid’ consumer reviews (& needed feedback to businesses on their customer care) owes it to its visitors to disclose such information, no?

  4. u forgot to disclose the founder is your ‘son’

  5. Joe says:

    If you’re buying a $12,000 watch I’ll kick your ass, Myk3l.

  6. Mad Myk3l says:

    Will definitely be giving it a go.

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