Bridge Spar might be worth a look

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SparIt takes a while for me to visit a new place – be it a supermarket, restaurant or what appears to be a combination of both. Besides, supermarket sit-down has never been my thing, but from what I hear from Izzy, it appears the relatively-new Bridge Spar may be worth a look.

I’d like to commend Mr Dumingo of Bridge Spar. Twice now i have had lunch at Bridge Spar and have received very courteous and swift service.

Despite the fact that most of the items on the menu were not available (maybe because we went to lunch late!) Dumingo was very efficient and pleasant.

Often I am disappointed in the service I receive in hotels, restaurants at events because the waiters are grumpy, inattentive, rude or impolite. and this is not just in the hospitality industry. everywhere you go, the supermarket, the hospital … you find there isn’t what we call ‘customer care’.

This was a refreshing change, so well done Bridge Spar, either Dumingo is naturally pleasant or you are obviously teaching your staff a thing or two about servicing the customer and keeping them happy.

On the strength of Izzy’s words, maybe it’s time I took a drive down Groombridge way; I just hope the food itself is up to scratch!

Well done Bridge Spar, keep up the good work.