Cimas Hikes Fees By 50% – Newsday

There is very disturbing report in today’s Newsday.

CIMAS, possibly Zimbabwe’s largest medical aid provider, has hiked contributions on Individual Private and Individual Medexec packages.

“The society would like to advise its valued members on the upward review of contribution rates for individuals on our two top packages, Individual Private and Individual Medexec packages” part of the communiqué reads.

Under the Individual Private scheme, a member would now fork out $146, while a spouse will pay $146. A child under the same scheme will pay $71 and a student $118 respectively.

For the top scheme for the medical aid, the Individual Medexec, the member and spouse each pay $174, a child $104 and a student $174.

This comes after CIMAS suspended the online drug facility a few weeks ago, meaning clients have to pay cash for drugs and then claim from their health insurance.

Read the entire Newsday report here.

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  1. Joe Ruzvidzo says:

    I was on CIMAS Medexec until beginning of last year. With the reports I’m reading and from the “circulars” they’re sending, I’m glad I left before they went downhill.

  2. Mad at CIMAS says:

    Goodbye CIMAS, hello Generation Health/ First Mutual Health. You want to take the Zimbabwean public for granted. We are going to let our money do the talking as we leave you for other service providers. Muchaenda kurikuenda Econet, just keep up this nonsense.

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