CABS Internet Banking Goes Mad

Change is hard. For someone set in their ways (like me) any little change in the way I do things makes me go nuts.

That is why the new banking system that CABS has introduced is annoying in the extreme.

Firstly, they’ve changed my account number. My account number which I knew by head, have had for many, many years. That is okay in itself, not a big train-smash.

The biggest effect, on me at least, is the Internet Banking. CABS had the first, best, simplest, most intuitive online banking system around. All I needed was a browser, and could access my funds and do all I needed to do online.

That has all changed … today.

Instead of just using my username and (secure, alphanumeric) password anywhere on the planet, and many a time from my cellphone, I now have to carry a little piece of hardware around with me.

Now I need my username, a four-digit PIN (I mean, really?) and a token device, which generates a one-time numeric password each time I log in.

That means if I’m going to use my Internet Banking account, anywhere, anytime, I need this little token device with me. It’s not sized for my wallet, that would be far too convenient. It’s attached to my keyring.

That puts a serious hamstring on my ability to use the CABS online banking system, because really, I don’t always have a set of keys on me. For that reason alone, this is inconvenient.

I’m not resisting change for resistance’s sake – that is futile, in this case.

I’m just annoyed.

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  2. Is there a difference between cabs cellphone banking and textacash

  3. Shadreck says:

    I registered a cabs gold class card. And when i visited the textacash to link with my phone, their card read as if not registered. Can anyone tell me what is cabs cellphone banking.

  4. Shadreck says:

    I registered a cabs gold class card. And when i visited the textacash to link with my phone, their card read as if not registered. Can anyone tell me what is cabs cellphone banking.

  5. I am in the same situation as the complainant . My situation is worse because I could not register the token on my own computer and still cannot. I went to the cabs branch I use and they could not also register the token for me . They sent to another branch and still no registration. I am still unregistered and do not know what steps to take inorder to register my token. Any advice is welcome. As a service available to members of the public no strings should be attached to such a service.

    1. Joe Ruzvidzo says:

      Now MY token isn’t working, and emails to are being ignored.

  6. Chuckiestar says:

    Stupid token, Someone is making money for making the device.

  7. Jayne says:

    CABs has not notified its customers about changes in internet banking. I found out just now when I tried to do some transactions online before going away. This really makes me mad as I don’t even know how I am supposed to acquire this token device. Terrible customer relations.

  8. Pips says:

    I don’t mind change, but don’t like it if there is no organised implementation plan as in this case with CABS’s transition to a more secure system.

    I am really annoyed with CABS. I am based in Australia and I use internet banking account to manage all payments. I called CABS online to be put on hold for about 45mins

    After several attempts I was told to email cabs the details of my address and authorise CABS to deduct courier charges from my account. Couldn’t they train their front counter staff to be able to provide this information to people calling from overseas??

    I sent several follow-up emails that were not responded to. This is very unprofessional.

    I have finally received my token, but guess what there was no Welcome letter which is supposed to contain my User ID to allow me to register my details!!! I’m back to square one and am very upset!!

  9. Vinny Smith says:

    Is it really a step backwards. The bank cares about the security of your money. By putting in place the generated password, nobody is going to be able to get into your account by just guessing a password!

    1. Joe Ruzvidzo says:

      I was very clear, as to why it’s a step backwards. It’s inconvenient that I can only log in to my Internet Banking if I have that little device with me.

      Do you understand?

  10. bayhaus says:

    Whaaat! Maiwee. That is just ridiculous, token device? That’s certainly going backwards!

    “Are you using Firefox, Safari, or Chrome because there seems to be a technical issue with those browsers and our new system?” CABS are you serious!!! It should be the other way round! Its normally IE that has a problem while all other browsers are fine.

    1. Joe Ruzvidzo says:

      Gaya, and it works perfectly in IE … zvakaoma

  11. Simpson says:

    I am really annoyed. I am based in Australia and i use my Cabs internet banking account to manage all payments i need to make in Zimbabwe.

    I wanted (and still want) to make a payment since yesterday and the new system is telling me i need a device…. Really?

    I tried calling them yesterday and was put on hold for more than 30 minutes each time ($60+- worth of airtime gone!). I eventually gave up.

    I tried again today and i was put on hold 3 times for about 20 minutes each time (before the call was dropped). I ended up asking the lady by the switchboard to give me an email address i can write to.

    So… Ive sent them an email… will wait and see if they respond.

    Hopefully they ship their devices to out-of-zim clients or i am going to have to change banks…

    I have been a loyal CABS customer for a long time… its a shame they didn’t think this downgrade through.

    Upset customer.

    1. Simpson says:

      I got a reply to my email requesting copies of my passport and my current address so they can mail it to me.

      Will keep you guys updated on progress…

      1. Joe Ruzvidzo says:

        These guys are really taking the piss

  12. Joe Ruzvidzo says:

    And now it’s dead. Again. Just logs in to a blank page … doing my head in!

    1. CABS says:

      Full response in due course. Clear the history and you should be ok. Are you using Firefox, Safari, or Chrome because there seems to be a technical issue with those browsers and our new system?

      1. Joe Ruzvidzo says:

        Well hello, CABS. Do you mean clear the history, or the cache? OK I’ll do both, this is on Chrome. Thanks for the response.

        Now, tell us about making me carry a damn keyring around all the time 🙂

      2. Joe Ruzvidzo says:

        Hi there, CABS. Clearing browsing history and cache does not work. This is in Chrome.

  13. Izzy says:

    honestly? what was wrong with their old system? that sounds like stanchart and the 4-pin code they send to your phone if you want to add anything on your account (which means you can only use the online banking system in its entirety if you’re in the country cz it doesnt work when you’re roaming). big inconvenience. i can understand they are worried about online security but i think our banks need to figure out whether they are trying to make customers’ lives easier or more complicated with these so-called new edge technologies. do they trial-run them first before chucking them on us?

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