Disable the Annoying Facebook News Ticker

Facebook rolled out some new tweaks this week, like adding a real-time “ticker” of all your friends’ updates in the right sidebar, and making pictures bigger in the news feed, along with a few other tweaks. Some people woke up to them and promptly starting making Facebook status updates on how much they hate the…

How to Save Electricity in your Home

Due to ZESA and ZETDC’s monopoly, incompetence and continued intransigence, Zimbabweans are faced with both random blackouts and tariff increments.

Econet scratch cards do not cause skin cancer!

Social networks can be great things. If you’ve ever heard of a ‘viral video’ you know how easily something funny and unique can spread like wildfire through the use of social connections. The same problem can occur with hoaxes and bogus information. The problem is when someone socially well-connected either tweets or posts something bogus,…

FBC Bank might just give you the runaround

I am banking with FBC Samora Machel Branch since January..I have heard people complaining of their service and i did not believe it could be true…on May 30, 2011 I went to the bank applying for E-banking and SMS Banking, I was told ot fill in a form which i did and submitted it to the customer service counter…i was told that for e-banking it would take 48hours and for sms banking it would take 24hrs…today is the 13th of July and still no confirmation has been received.

Zimazon.co.zw – from online order to doorstep delivery (updated)

Update  – I can no longer recommend Zimazon. Management has changed over time, and I have had recent issues with products being available on the site but no longer on Amazon.com where they seem to get their products. I’ve also just had major issues securing a refund, and was basically told that, as a customer,…

Bridge Spar might be worth a look

It takes a while for me to visit a new place – be it a supermarket, restaurant or what appears to be a combination of both. Besides, supermarket sit-down has never been my thing, but from what I hear from Izzy, it appears the relatively-new Bridge Spar may be worth a look. I’d like to…

Innscor don’t want my money anymore

I have very strong opinions on issues like change, customer service and corporate feedback.

For months I railed against retailers who steadfastly refused to remedy the change situation. I whined incessantly about Innscor in general, and Nando’s in particular, regarding their practice of pricing their products for change, without providing the change itself!

Harare City Council did something right!

Anyone who has ever driven down Harare drive, particularly the stretch between Enterprise and Borrowdale Roads, knows it’s a hazard.

The road is too narrow. The road dips and humps too much. The road has gaping holes in it. The road snakes around too much. The road sucks.

ZIMRA Border Agents May Not Like Their Jobs

We all know how it feels to stand in queue at the border, whilst the world’s slowest customs agent does his thing, not giving a toss about you or anyone else. Some had the same trouble yesterday, and made sure to fill out a feedback form.