Backup Your iBerry Contacts Online

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My laptop is currently undergoing surgery for a new motherboard, so I have had to use my home machine for work.

The problem with trying to sync an iPhone with a new iTunes is that iTunes has to first erase everything on the phone.

Now, the only thing of value on my phone is the contact list, so I was pretty chuffed to find iDrive Lite after a bit of Googling.

You can backup and restore from the same app, and that’s it. Simple task done simply, and that’s how I like it.

Now I don’t have to worry about losing my information if I lose the phone, or accidentally drop it in a river (don’t ask). IDrive Lite for iPhone and Blackberry (links go to respective app stores) also allows you to restore contacts that you saved to a different device.

That means you can now backup your contacts from your BlackBerry and switch to the iPhone – or vice versa – and still be able to restore all the contact details you saved using the tool. The same goes for when you’re sticking with the same brand but switching from an earlier version to a newer model.

If you’d like to view and manage your contacts database online, you can head to and log in with your IDrive account. The dashboard allows you to add, edit or delete contact information, import contacts from Facebook and view logs of the activities performed from the app and/or the website.

All for … free.