ZOL Fibre Never Materialised

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With all the Fiber (or Fibre, depending on which company it is) adverts on our street-corners, it’s good to get some practical feedback from users.

One contributor tried to connect to ZOL’s fiber internet offering, and it did not work out so well. She ended up getting a refund:

$150 later the ZOL experience has left me scarred and wide awake on conman alert!

I arrived back to Zimbabwe a few weeks ago and needed to set up broadband access at home.

I was so delighted to see the many adverts by ZOl and was elated and encouraged with the digging they are doing near the same signs, what does that spell? Fiber – fast internet!

Well I go to ZOL in Eastgate and they ask for $150, I pay, BIG MISTAKE, they tell me a lead time of 2 weeks, I continue to see them digging everywhere.

I follow up my paid up request and I get the shock of my life, the sweet talking Sales rep with the sugar coated tongue gives me a dressing down on the lead time, tells me rudely they have many orders, and I should wait for 14 October.

On 13th I call, I get cut off a number of times while the person goes to find out what has happened until I give up. On 14th I am told casually by another person that “oh we only provide fiber across the street from your place, so we cannot do that but we can offer you another service which costs $200, $50 more.”

Well across the street from my place is Greenwood Park does that mean ZOL has put broadband in Greenwood Park!

Mind you I get this answer after I have posted on ZOL’s face book page, after numerous calls where I have become almost hysterical and finally I demand for a refund!

Well I am told, “we have to process the refun…” before she can finish I scream I am on my way!

I got my $150 because I would not have left without it but the curious thing is I signed where a number of people also signed who were refunded.

I don’t know what their circumstances are but in my mind that is a trend. ZOL is not straightforward and they should cease with the false advertising asap.

Meanwhile right behind my townhouse is a trench they have dug up and that false advert is right next to it!

We have, as always, forwarded this to the ZOL people for comment.