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There is chaos currently brewing at Beitbridge border post.

According to our source, ZIMRA have a new directive where only one bus is searched at one time, and that has created long queues on the Zimbabwean side.

He sent us the following details and pictures;

There was some directive that only one bus should be ‘searched’ at a time, only when it reaches that shed thingy.

Beitbridge 1

So this has created a bottleneck, some buses that got here at 12 midnight are still here.

Beitbridge 2

So people have made noise and called for the (ZIMRA) supervisors and finally they yielded. They have called for more officials and are running around.

Beitbridge 3

But not without some casualties, some lady has even fainted.

Beitbridge 4

We cannot help but wonder which smart Alec made the call to search only one bus at a time, but we will stay updated with the goings-on at Beitbridge this morning.

It is always frustrating to breeze through the South African side, only to be stopped and delayed by your own countrymen.

And we’re not even counting the roadblocks teeming with ZRP asking for bribes after you do cross over into Zimbabwe.

We have complained to ZIMRA before, and Commissioner-General Gershem Pasi got back to us.

We hope this current situation will be resolved soon.

ZIMRA really need to do better.