ZESA Marlborough Goes Dark

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We have received this extremely disturbing post from Lester Mashava in Harare;

I am a resident of Marlborough, I live along Adylin Road. Our part of the city had a freak storm on Saturday the 7th of February in the afternoon.

Since that time our area Adylin and surrounding areas, Lower and Upper Hampden and Adylin Park have had no power.

What is concerning is a lack of communication from the relevant authorities at ZESA, the fault has been reported and its been a source of frustration having to be the ones doing the follow up as the consumer.

You call, you get told today you’ll have power, its now Tuesday and I now don’t know who to turn to. Items in the fridge are going bad, we need to iron clothing etc.

Doesn’t ZESA have a PR dept to speak to us their clients in this era of social media and cheap bulk SMS?

This morning we were told again that today power would be back, we waiting to see if its yet another empty promise.

Ar least a word or any form of assurance from the ZESA PR would be most welcome, lets communicate both ways.

We know for a fact that ZESA has many problems, perception being the very least of those.

At some point, ZETDC will realise that timeous communication with their customers will make things easier for everyone.

Until then, we have forwarded this to their contact emails, and eagerly await a response.

We won’t hold our breath.


Picture from Byo 24