TN May Charge You for a Bed & Deliver a Hot-Air Mattress

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So Tawanda went down to TN to buy a bed, which I didn’t know you could do, but bear with me.

He got there, paid for the bed, didn’t get a bed, was told his bed hadn’t actually been made yet, made a bit of noise and eventually was promised his money back, less “administration fee”.

It seems Tawanda is not one to take this kind of thing lying down, and has proceeded to create a website called as a point of grievance for TN (and former TN) customers.

They also don’t care that they are the ones who had given me the false information I used to make my decision. What is worse; They say my refund will not be in cash so I will have to wait another 2 weeks before closing my TN bank account.

Now I have no money and no bed.

Now that’s just not right – you really need to read the whole story. If this is true, and this is how TN are going about their business, something needs to be done urgently.

We’re not quite sure if Tawanda considered sending an Executive Email Carpet Bomb, as this seems the perfect situation to do just that. It seems he felt he had exhausted all available options to him, after the apparent treatment he received from a manager. We would normally advise a more considered approach before taking the nuclear option, but that’s just advice, not stone tablet stuff.

As always, we have forwarded this story to the relevant people for comment.

Update 1“TN has given me a full refund. Also, I received a call from Tawanda Nyambirai. He has apologised and and said that I shall get a free bed from TN tomorow as compensation for the inconvinience I was caused. I have accepted his offer and his apology and I am happy now. I have decided to take down the website

I know I got special treatment for the noise I have been making (& thanks a lot for your part in that). I just hope the other customers get better treatment in the future.”

Well, sorted then.