Steers advertising versus reality

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People everywhere know fast food as one of the most reliable distributors of disappointment ever produced by the business world.

Food advertising is infamous for the techniques it uses to make items look bigger and better. The places themselves usually plaster their walls with pictures of juicy burgers – often hanging right over the tills – so you need only open your eyes to find something to compare your actual food with.

Consumers have always known that advertisers have used a bit of creative freedom in their depiction of food, but when you put the pics side-by-side, it’s a bit startling.

Yesterday, I felt like getting Steers (for a change from Nandos, to my eternal regret), so I hit up their Facebook page. I came upon the Saucy Rib Riot for $6, so that’s what I ordered.

The rest, as they say, is history.