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We’ve just received this from Wadzanayi;

Hello Admin

I would like to applaud a Doctor who attended to me and my son at Michael Gelfand [Clinic].

Since i started using their (Michael Gelfand) facilities, I have NEVER had a Doctor who took their time to explain to me what was wrong, what caused it and how it can be avoided in the future.

I had gone earlier to the institution when my son had had a fever over the weekend, he got a jab and some medication in short space of of 30mins of consultation and buying medication we were home.

He didn’t feel better there and then so we went back on Tuesday evening as he was now refusing to eat.

Dr Matarutse attended to us, i tell you this is one Doctor who loves his profession and is not in a hurry to go anywhere, as most who have attended to me. He took us through everything we wanted to know about our son.

I had CT scans that had been done a few weeks ago, he then went through those with us and explained the causes of my headaches and what i can do to reduce them.

I am saying all this because i had not received it since i started going to Micheal Gelfand, yet it is supposed to be standard.

When we left the consulting room, both of us where like “WOW” this Doctor is motivated and had to ask again for his name.

I just want to say if service of any kind is as close to what Dr Matarutse offered us, Zimbabwe would be way beyond good service.

Well done Doctor!!

It is always heartwarming to receive heartwarming news, we hope the good doctor keeps up the sterling service.

We also hope the other doctors take his example, instead of rushing through patient care.

Well done.

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