Pricing Discrepancies at Pick n Pay Avondale

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There appear to be vast differences in prices between Pick n Pay branches.

To Whom It May Concern,

I purchased an Addis Bin at PnP Westgate a week ago. It cost me around $22-00 but not more than $25-00.

Later on in the week I visited the Avondale branch. I saw the same bin going for at least $50-00 at the same time having a tag similar to those highlighting the promotion.

I engaged PnP on twitter and they escalated the matter. The contacted me and we had a brief meeting with the Avondale Branch manager who stood by the pricing of the bin highlighting the system showed a different cost structure which justified the listed price.

This is just one case amount numerous cases that go unreported.

I have even witnessed predatory pricing in downtown Harare while those who reside in suburban areas benefit from lower prices.

There are disgusting economic practices taking place in the market and it must be showcased in full to bring it to an end.

Why is the price at least double at Pick n Pay Avondale? Is it because the branch is new?

Or does it serve a more “up-market” demographic?

We have forwarded this to the branch manager for comment.