Pick n Pay Arundel May Overcharge You

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We received this anonymous tip from a highly disgruntled Pick n Pay customer at Arundel Village.

So, my wife is always on my case about me not checking shopping receipts to make sure everything is kosher. I never do, even after having witnessed her correct a wrong barcode and price here and there. The reason I’ve decided to write is because it keeps happening at the same establishment, in the same department – Cosmetics at Arundel Pick n Pay.

This evening, we went in and she picked out some body lotion or other. We joked about how they’d probably overcharge us and we made it a point to memorize the barcode on the lotion and its corresponding price tag. We got to the till, this $2.45 lotion was charged at $5.75. My wife obviously noticed. She told them it was wrong. The till-lady asked an assistant to go and and check. She came back with the wrong barcode. We then got a manager/supervisor involved who then asked the assistant to go upstairs and change the price. After 15 minutes of waiting, the assistant came back and said “ndiyo price yeku-HQ, saka ndizvozvo, hazvichinje” (That’s the price at HQ, so it doesn’t change).

Thumbs up to the supervisor, only identified as “vaMunya” who quickly made a plan, allowed us to pay the $2.45, and promising to sort it out on their end, despite the till operator’s protest that her money wouldn’t tally at the end of her shift.

My problem here is how much money are these people probably making, screwing over people like me who would actually want to trust the shop.  They’ve made enough money off me in the past. I don’t want to “torch a storm”, but please, please take heed…..remember your prices, you never know how much extra they’re making off you.

It is always a good idea to check receipts, or even to be aware (at the till) of how much the scanned item is being charged, compared to the shelf price.

We hope Pick n Pay can clarify and rectify the issue, as this is extremely worrying when you consider how many people do not bother to check, especially after doing a large number of purchases.

As always, this has been forwarded to TM’s Customer Care email.


Update: Someone from TM did reply and acknowledge receipt of the complaint. We haven’t heard anything since.

According to a responce on our Twitter page, this also happens at TM Borrowdale.