Patty’s Kitchen Is Cooking It Right

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Pies at Patty's Kitchen, Sam Levy

I am a fan of curry. I will comb through any restaurant menu and if I find a chicken, beef or lamb curry, I will order that first.

It is always a surprise to find a nice place with a good, robust curry that’s not too hot, like I did the other day. Patty’s Kitchen is in back of Sam Levy’s village, across the car-park near the old bowling alley.

A week later and I have tried both their chicken and beef curries, pepper steak pie, roast chicken and chips and a mixed salad (obviously not mine).

The people are friendly, the place is still brand spanking new and clean, and the food is delicious.

A takeaway that prides itself on homecooked meals, and I’d advise anyone to give it a try.