OpenParly Are Doing Good Work

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We received this from Tich, who is pretty chuffed with OpenParly;

This is an appreciation post. I rarely send these. So, a week ago, I was following the @OpenParlyZW Twitter feed and they were sharing a few details on NRZ.

I’ve been following the NRZ story with interest of late. Really trying to find out what went wrong with an organisation which, in the early 80’s had over 22000 employees and now, 30 years later, has just under 6000 which its currently failing to pay. And please note, the NRZ hasn’t automated its operations or employed robots, it has simply tanked.

So a report on the operations of the NRZ was being shared in parliament and so I was following the feed. Unfortunately, the session ended and the report, I believe wasn’t finished. I then tweeted the guys at OpenParly, asking if I could get hold of that report and then quickly responded that I can get it from the Parliament House. I then told them that I wasn’t in Harare at the moment and asked if there’s a soft copy somewhere… The guys then gave me a WhatsApp number and told me to send them my postal address so that they send me the report via post.

So early this morning, the postman rang his bell and I received the report. Although it came 7days later, thanks to ZimPost, but yah, the important thing is I received the report.

So I would like to thank whoever is responsible with the account @OpenParlyZw and everyone behind that account who’s doing some good work covering the parly sessions. You, guys, are the MVPs.

Thank you so much OpenParlyZw for the report you sent me, I really appreciate it.
Keep on keeping on. Never stop!

Open Parly ZW is a Magamba Network initiative. In their own words;

We believe in more engagement between decision makers and citizens for a better society for young Zimbabweans.

Kudos to them, and we hope they keep up the good work. They’ve started well, and we wish them all the best.