Inspired to Spell Things Wrong

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I ranted at Econet about their mobile broadband offering on my personal blog earlier this month, and posted a screenshot of a MASSIVE typo on the (new) homepage. It’s still there today.

Judge for yourself. Also, the share price hasn’t changed either.

Is anybody out there?

Update 1

At 1156hrs today, I mailed this post to, and to see if we’d get a reaction.

If you look in the comments section, you’ll see the only reaction I got was a petulant brush-off from someone purporting to be a layman (“i am happy forthese econet guys”).

So instead of addressing the issue and engaging with us directly, someone (not very technically sound) decided to astroturf this site. So since you guys have decided to deal with us in bad faith, I’m hoping the next visitor on the Econet internal network has something better to say.

Update II

Also, congratulations on fixing it. See what a little criticism can do? Although this will only work if the service providers operate in good faith, instead of providing knee-jerk reactions cloaked in false anonymity. Hint for next time: even if the internet doesn’t know who you are, it knows where you come from.