Innscor are bringing sexy back

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I had a little flap with Innscor last year. This was concerning their rebuilding of the Pomona food court, and the (apparent) lack of a Nando’s outlet there.

I was quickly reassured that there would indeed be a Nando’s at Pomona, and have visited it a few times.

I have noticed some of the old fast food favourites popping up on the menu again. Pizza Inn have brought the subs back, which for me is always better than a full pizza. They’ve also begun making pizza pies … really just pies with pizza toppings baked into them.

Steers have also brought back the hero rolls. For me, the Hero Steak Roll was the stuff of legend, so now I can avoid Chicken Inn burgers altogether.

Great stuff all round; now if only they can do something about their prices and small change …

… we’ll see.