Harare City Council did something right!

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Pothole on Sprague
Creative Commons License photo credit: s-bahn

Anyone who has ever driven down Harare drive, particularly the stretch between Enterprise and Borrowdale Roads, knows it’s a hazard.

The road is too narrow. The road dips and humps too much. The road has gaping holes in it. The road snakes around too much. The road sucks.

Well, over the last couple of days, council workers have repaired the section mentioned above, and not with sand or bricks like those “voluntary workers” do.

Properly patched and tarred, the potholes are gone, and drivers can safely negotiate the humps and dips and turns with no fears of losing a tyre.

Well done Council, now it’s time to trim the verges, replace the street-lights and collect the trash!

Or is that asking too much, too soon?