Harare, Chitungwiza Water Works Being Rehabilitated

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From the Harare Residents’ Trust:

There is evidence on the ground to support the work being done at the water works and sewerage treatment works in Chitungwiza and Harare.

During a familiarisation tour of the water and sewerage projects, the resources that have been poured in Harare and Chitungwiza were evidently changing the water and sanitation infrastructure.

The tour was organised by the African Development Bank (AfDB), who are managing the funding to rehabilitate key water and sanitation infrastructure in six Zimbabwean cities, the Multi-Donor Trust Fund (ZimFund) on Friday.

There is accountability and transparency in the management and implementation of the whole project, unlike the US$144 million Chinese loan project where the Chinese have done nothing tangible to change the lives of citizens.

Procedures and systems being followed are easier to follow than the opaque manner under which the Chinese funds are being w=managed, with reports indicating that the Chinese even purchase nails and cement from China, depriving our Zimbabwe industry.

Thank you AfDB for a job well done on Firle sewerage Treatment works, Morton Jaffray Water Works and the Chitungwiza Sewerage treatment plants.

It is rare to get good news, so this is very welcome.

We would welcome similar transparency on the Chinese project; the very same project which kicked off by buying Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi a Range Rover before any work commenced.

We won’t hold our breath.


*Image via Harare News