Gideon Gono “stole public funds” – Kereke

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Munyaradzi Kereke is a former lieutenant of the current Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Gideon Gono.

Munyaradzi Kereke has written a letter to Gideon Gono, making a large number of sensational allegations. It makes for interesting reading, but as with any matter of dispute, we take the allegations with the requisite scepticism.

92 Norfolk Road Mount Pleasant

28 February, 2012

Dr Gideon Gono
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
80 Samora Machel

Dear Dr Gono,
1. Dr Gono, I have come to the definite conclusion that I must defend myself and my rights against your continued acts of deliberate provocation and malicious destruction of my good name through the repeated falsehoods you are publishing through the media as well as circulating acres of written subversive material to different offices of Government whose effect is to tarnish my image.

2. My defence is based on nothing else but the truth and in the event you feel there is any aspect of what I will say in this letter that is not true, please challenge me through your lawyers or in an open forum such as Parliament so that facts are laid bare in the national interest. I bear no malice against you.

3. I wrote to you several times indicating that I had and still have absolutely no interests in fighting you for any reason, yet you continue to be hell-bent on attacking me for reasons I clearly do not know.

4. You are seeking to project yourself as having removed me from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as an act of “disciplining me for transgressions” yet you know very well that you did so to cover up the multiple acts of criminal frauds you, Dr Gono did for your own personal gain with your family.

5. To free my own conscience, I came to the conclusion that I did not want to be part of your acts of fraud and betrayal of your own country and decided that I work for the country from a different workstation.


6.1 You wrote senior Government officials pages and pages of falsehoods about me on things that you yourself know are not true with the callous intention to damage my image. Through the court processes, you will be bound to prove your wild, unfounded allegations.

6.2 You published lies through the media about me. Through the legal processes, you will be asked to prove your allegations.

6.3 As a Zimbabwean, I am bound to expose the rampant acts of theft that you committed abusing your office at the RBZ for own personal gain. This exposure will be supported by explicit documentary evidence that is unassailable in any of our very competent courts.

6.4 You, Dr Gono, also acted to remove me from the RBZ as a result of our serious ideological differences where you opted to act in betrayal of your own country’s interests whilst I stood firm and refused to give in to your ways.

6.5 Prompted by your strange acts of provocation and what I see as callous intentions to ruin my life for absolutely no fault or felony I have committed, please be hereby advised that the People of Zimbabwe will be the jury as facts on the following matters are laid bare in the open courts of Zimbabwe or the August House of Parliament:


7.1 I hereby state that the following are the acts of blatant fraud that you, Dr Gideon Gono committed, which frauds are the main reason for you to have pushed me out of the RBZ so you could clean up and muzzle the crimes. Please take note that in the event you dispute any one of them, challenge me through the open courts or through Parliament and I will testify and produce explicit evidence.

(a) You, Dr Gideon Gono stole Public funds and spent millions of US dollars of RBZ money to buy many personal real estate properties for your own gain. You have lately attempted to cover up these transgressions through an oldman lawyer of Asian origin who is based here in Harare and a chartered accounting audit firm also based here in Harare. Please take note that all the evidence, covering the actual addresses of the properties and amounts spent is available and this evidence can not be destroyed by any means you may seek to deploy now even killing me. (There are at least three legal experts who have taken custody of the evidence to testify on my behalf in the event I cease to be here on earth for whatever reason, given the real threats on my life these matters are now raising). The people of Zimbabwe must adjudicate and pronounce the verdict of whether it is allowed for a Central Bank Governor of Zimbabwe, trusted to safeguard the financial interests of the country and public funds is allowed at law to take millions of foreign currency and build his own personal granary of wealth. I am ready to testify and produce evidence so please challenge me in open courts.

(b). You directly participated and partook in the theft of US$6.5million that was stolen from the RBZ under your own signature through a close associate of yours. I strongly protested against this and you, together with your accomplice went round to high offices in the country spreading lies, including cooking up silly rape stories, as a way to divert attention from what I had strongly protested against. The full trail of what happened, supported by the evidence is available. Please challenge me openly and not through the veil of internet stories and the people of Zimbabwe will judge for themselves what sort of person you are.

(c). You took tens of millions of cash through the Security Division of the RBZ for personal gain. Evidence on this is readily available and please challenge me in an open legal platform so I testify.

(d). You abused Public assets, ranging from cars, gold bullion, shares, etc for direct personal gain. I have explicit evidence on this and please challenge me openly so that the Public pronounces their own verdict based on facts.


8.1 You also are aware that we differed very strongly on the following ideological issues:

8.2 Your approach is that it is fine to betray your own country’s interests for as long as doing so makes you benefit financially or through perceived connections to the right people for future protection. My unshackable position is that never should any sane Zimbabwean betray that which belongs to Zimbabwe for whatever price or prize.

8.3 You repeatedly lied to the country’s Leadership to sustain your continued stay at the RBZ, including covering up frauds you would have committed. My stance was and remains that never propagate lies, particularly to the country’s Leadership to crate an artificial aura of being a saint before their eyes yet you are the opposite.

8.4 You strongly believe in the abuse of office to settle personal vendettas including needlessly criminalising innocent transactions and closing of some banks in cases where RBZ itself would have been the main culprit through professional ineptitude and malicious design. I strongly opposed this and we fought all the time you defaulted into this obtusely primitive quadrant of abuse of office.

8.5 You sought legal opinion from a local lawyer who is chairman of a local commercial bank to the effect that the Economic Empowerment and Indigenisation programme Government is implementing is allegedly unconstitutional. You proceeded to brief RBZ Board Members that the Government’s stance on Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment is unconstitutional. I strongly opposed this strange view. My view was and is that Zimbabweans must be empowered through the legitimate (lawful) reversal and correction of the heinous colonial injustices of the past. This more so if being done under explicit statutes of law as set by the legitimate legal systems of Zimbabwe. You then set me up with RBZ Board members who roundly worked to push me out of the RBZ.

8.6 You, Dr Gono and the RBZ Board crafted a very dangerous draft legislation that is poised to spin Zimbabwe into a civil war if allowed to be passed into law. Among many subversive clauses, you are proposing that all Government’s transactions over the pre-GPA era of between 2004 and 2008 be investigated through an appointed court. You are also proposing that most financial transactions (including the sourcing of defence machinery and equipment) lawfully done by Government over this period be publicly investigated and possibly reversed. You are also proposing to give Minister Tendai Biti powers to search and raid any house, office, vault, files etc through the appointed Super Trustee in search of very unclear objects under your approved recommendations to Minister Biti. Mr Governor, Dr Gono, you as Chairman of the RBZ Board then cleared Minister Biti, in writing that he must go ahead with this piece of law you had drafted to be passed by Parliament. I fiercely opposed this and wrote a very lengthy analysis showing why this proposed witch hunt was going to be counter-productive and destructive to the peace and stability of the country. You cant deny that I gave you my objections to this and that this became a source of our ideological differences. I have explicit documentation proving this.

8.7 Repeatedly, you and some RBZ Board members violated the State Secrets Act, as we as Section 60 of the RBZ Act by surreptitiously calling journalists to the RBZ and dishing out sensitive confidential materials of the State to undermine the interests of the country’s Leadership and that of Zimbabweans in general. My position on this was, for as long as you Dr Gono wanted to remain in office, you were and are duty bound to follow the dictates of the law. The newspapers are awash with confidential materials that you deliberately pass on to the Media. Please take note that some of this you did in my presence, particularly the meetings with foreign diplomats in your committee room on the 22nd floor of the RBZ at number 80 Samora Machel.

8.8 To sustain your stay at the RBZ, your approach was and is to shower strategic office holders in Ministries and parastatals with gifts using RBZ money so that you severely compromise them never to stand against your frauds and corrupt ways. You even went to the extent of paying millions of US dollars in cash and assets to the Anti-Corruption Commission to literally cause them to look the other way and keep away from probing you. As of now, I have explicit evidence that you are trying to cook up things to set the Anti-corruption Commission on my back. To this I say, please send them as I know I am clean. I will, however, greet them with the explicit evidence that shows how they received money from you to then act like your gate-keepers. Please challenge me openly and I will produce the evidence to this effect.


9.1 In one of the dossiers you wrote and circulated to the media, you labelled me a “turn court” and someone with “unmitigated insanity” seeking favors from higher offices.

9.2 Mr Gideon Gono, do you forget you yet again abused your authority by forcing me to literally do all the academic work on your behalf for the entire PhD studies upon which you were “conferred” the Doctoral Degree you now flaunt to the public as your own? Do you forget you forced me to do all for you, right from registration, to doing all assignments, to doing all the online exams right up to the final thesis, so I could keep my job at the RBZ?

9.3 On this Mr Gono please publicly retract your insults to me otherwise I will cause the relevant university to withdraw the doctoral degree they conferred on you, as you never ever wrote a sentence to earn it. You could never have secured a quarter of the PhD requirements using your very limited and blunt academic mental amplitude even in 5 decades. Please take this seriously as I will sue you for the abuse you effected on me. I literally feel worse than sodomized by what you did to me. This was absolute theft of my intellectual property under duress.

10. Let me end by saying that if I do not receive your written proposed way forward to resolve these matters, within 7 days I will proceed to institute legal measures to protect myself against your shameless determination to ruin my young life to protect and save your dirty, criminal, and unpatriotic ways.

11. I have reported the people you recently sent to harass and intimidate me into shutting up to their superiors at their workplaces.

12. As a fellow Zimbabwean, my own conscience is clean and at peace that I stole no one’s penny and earned all that I have, academic, materially and spiritual beliefs through my own physical and mental efforts. Should you have evidence to the contrary, please report me to the relevant offices.

13. I will also not hesitate to reveal and expose how you used RBZ money to buy two houses as “gifts” to the wife of a Deputy Minister here in Harare.

14. Please Dr Gono, leave me alone.

Yours Sincerely,