CABS Internet Banking Still Down

Ecommerce Computer Cash E Commerce  - stevepb / Pixabay

Since at least Saturday the 29th of August, CABS internet banking has been down. I noticed this myself, and tweeted about it.

The bank sent a communication on Monday the 29th of August, informing customers of the problem and blaming a “technical fault”.


We would like to advise you that our Internet Banking platform is currently down due to a technical fault. Our Technicians are working to resolve the fault and we expect the platform to be up in due course. Please use any of our other banking channels for your banking – Paynet, Mobile Banking/App and in-branch during this period. All additional RTGS costs incurred In-branch during the downtime will be reimbursed as soon as the platform is back up.

We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused by this downtime.


The bank sent another apology letter on Saturday the 3rd of September.


Further to our communication of the 29th of August, we advise that our Vendor and Technical team have been carrying out tests on the platform to ensure it is working smoothly. There still remain a few outstanding issues that need to be rectified before we can put up the platform Live for all our customers. Please do bear with us during this period. We totally understand the inconvenience this downtime has caused and sincerely apologise. We anticipate resolution soon and we will continue to give you updates should no resolution be forthcoming this weekend.

Please call our Contact Centre on 04-883823-59, to be assisted in signing up for Paynet, Mobile Banking/App, DirectInject Bulk Payments or use our branches for your banking during this period.

Once again we apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused.


As of now, at mid-day on Tuesday the 6th of September, the service is still down. Some clients appear to be actively seeking other options.

We hope CABS manage to resolve this problem, which has proved to be a great inconvenience.