Avenues tenants are being mistreated

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Medusa Properties

Vimbai has been suffering in the Avenues, and I don’t think she’s the only one.

My story is on how landlords in the “prime” avenues area treat tenants.

I have unfortunately been a resident of the area for the past six years for the simple fact that i found it a secure place for one that is easy to mantain.

So landlords will come up with a reason to kick you out because they want to increase rent to the next tenant.

Then they are these dubiuos flat brokers who make you pay 25 US dollars to have an “interview with this guy who owns most of the flats in the avenues” only to be told that we do not have a flat within your “means”…and your 25 is gone for nothing.

The flat owners make you pay exhorbitant rates to cover for them not paying rates, and they increase these as and when they wish to do so.

If you complain you are given notice or they increase rent so that “you leave if you cant afford”. I have no one to tell this story to that is why i was happy to find this platform….

The rate issue, in particular, is pretty worrying. Shouldn’t the landlords themselves be responsible for rates?