Econet customer care finally pick up the phone!

Don’t you just hate it when you scratch your recharge card far too vigorously, and accidentally delete one or more of the numbers, and then have to try and guess what they might be?!

This evening I accidentally spilt water on a recharge card I needed urgently. At first, I decided to be patient and wait for the card to dry, but for an impatient person like me, waiting for any period of time can be so agonizing as to be virtually impossible.

After about ten minutes I thought “Oh, what the heck! I’ll just scratch it and guess the missing numbers!” You see, this sort of thing has happened to me countless times and until that moment, I’d always prided myself on having the unique ability to instinctively figure out what the missing numbers were.

After several failed attempts at inputting the illegible digits, I got an alert from Econet informing me that I had now been barred from the recharge service, which required me to either call the Econet Customer Service number or physically go to an Econet branch.

I shuddered at the thought of going to any Econet shop as previous visits have either drastically raised my blood pressure or left me on the verge of a heart attack! I instead, chose to call the infamous 111-Customer-Care-number-which-is-never-answered and at 21.13 hrs (yes I remember the exact time!), after what seemed like hours of countless reassurances from the annoying “Your-call-is-important-to-us” man, I got the shock of my life when a warm and wonderful woman named Yvonne answered my call and offered to help!

And help me she did! My phone was unbarred and after a few security checks, she proceeded to give me the missing digits on my soggy recharge card. All the while, I fully expected her to disappoint me, but she made my day instead by making me feel like my call was indeed important to Econet.

So, fellow Zimbabweans, don’t shy away from 111, there is a lovely lady named Yvonne who will help you!

Thank you, Yvonne, for picking up the phone and for the excellent support. You have restored the tiniest fraction of my faith in Econet customer service.

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  1. Dan says:

    Three or four months I applied for a contract account, I was advised to take out an account where I paid a deposit of $100 which would be used like a pay as you go amount. I did this.

    What has happened is: n the 7 November i was informed that the balance of my account was $243, on the 11 November I’m told I have to pay an extra $100!

    What a surprise to me!

    Today I went to my local econet office in Avondale to be told that the way my account has been set up is, I have to pay $100 every month!

    I was informed that in need to make a new application for a new account with more bank statements, proof of residence. When asked why, I was told our accounting department is very rigid!

    I’m a retired disabled person! What a hassle for me.

    Should I also be “rigid” and go somewhere else?

    Please help!

  2. Joe Ruzvidzo says:

    Useless? That’s definitely not right!

  3. angry customer says:

    you were just one of the lucky, l mistakely spilled water on my $4 worth of airtime. l called cuatomer care and they told me l have to go directly to their shop but when l got there some lady told me my airtime was useless, imagine the embarassment. So l lost $4. lm still bitter about it.

  4. linia says:

    customer care ye econet ndeye zita chete no action

  5. linia says:

    customer is jst a name without people i have given up on them

  6. Joe Ruzvidzo says:

    Sorry Iz, so obviously it’s not an improvement, it just shows that Econet are inconsistent.

  7. Izzy says:

    you’re lucky Varaidzo. i’ve found myself in exactly the same predicament and have had no luck with their customer care number. why do they even publicise that number if it only works for one in (i don’t know) a thousand!? i’m pretty annoyed.

  8. AG says:

    You must try Telecel, they have the best support in shops and over call centre, plus the quality of their data and voice r superior

  9. Joe Ruzvidzo says:

    Why must she get awarded for doing her job? Sounds like she performed to the minimum standard you should expect from customer care.

  10. chipom says:

    Good on Yvonne! If Econet’s customer care team is monitoring the virtual waves I think Yvonne deserves to be nominated for the employee of the month award:)

  11. Joe says:

    Mashura chaiwo, lucky you. Never worked for me, but I guess it’s cos you were so patient!

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