Steers advertising versus reality

People everywhere know fast food as one of the most reliable distributors of disappointment ever produced by the business world. Food advertising is infamous for the techniques it uses to make items look bigger and better. The places themselves usually plaster their walls with pictures of juicy burgers – often hanging right over the tills…

How to Gracefully Manage Your Critics

Many of us have an innate reflex to please everyone. It is a curious and burdensome responsibility that we have assumed since childhood. As creative leaders, the need to address critics is a reflex that is liable to override other more important uses of our energy. While we carefully weigh the costs and benefits of most decisions we make, criticism has the tendency to lead us astray. Of course, criticism is important.

How to send free SMS from Gmail (except to Zimbabwe)

Log in to Gmail, then go to Settings and click Labs. Enable ‘SMS (text messaging) in Chat’ and then Save Changes. And you’re done. Now you can send SMS messages to your contacts’ mobile phones using Gmail chat. Enter your contact’s name in the ‘Search, chat or SMS’ box in Chat (which is now Chat…

Should you check your email?

This flowchart by talented illustrator Wendy MacNaughton, while slightly tongue-in-cheek, is a splendid guide for our ever-connected times. My advice? Don’t.

Pizza Inn Newlands charge Large, serve Medium

via Twitter No. That is wrong on so many levels. And this, after I sang Innscor’s praises and even name-dropped Pizza Inn as doing a good job. This is not cool. I’m forwarding this to them right about …. now.

Ministry of Environment & Tourism website hacked

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has had a severely ugly website. That website has been hacked. I can’t tell if this happened recently, but the contact email address the hacker left suggests this may have happened sometime last year. MusLim HaCkeRs Virtual Soldier returns/ The Game Started Close the holes. 🙂 mailto :…

World Consumer Rights Day – March 15th

Apparently tomorrow is World Consumer Rights Day. According to the release by Consumers International, a “world” consumer-rights advocacy group (and group of groups) based in London, these guys do this every year, across the world.

Gideon Gono “stole public funds” – Kereke

Munyaradzi Kereke is a former lieutenant of the current Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Gideon Gono.

Munyaradzi Kereke has written a letter to Gideon Gono, making a large number of sensational allegations. It makes for interesting reading, but as with any matter of dispute, we take the allegations with the requisite scepticism.