Where’s the change?

I have been whining about small change in supermarkets for months now, even going so far as creating a page on Facebook about it.

A close friend who is a retailer took great offence, and claimed he did all he could to help his customers out, including spending an inordinate amount of time in the banks chasing small change.

I took his word for it, since his shops are out my way, but I haven’t seen evidence of any efforts at any of the supers I frequent.

Just yesterday, Bon Marche Chisipite got away with 87 cents of my money, selling me chocolate and sweets I didn’t want (and my missus didn’t need).

When’s it going to change?

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  1. Joe says:

    So, what? Regulation?

  2. Rue says:

    I honestly don’t think the retailers are interested in pursuing the issue of change because it’s definitely working in their favour. They are probably thinking “can’t lose an opportunity like this!” – cashing in while they can at the expense of the customer….

  3. Joe says:

    Don’t worry about me, I’ve been thinking about doing this for a couple of years, and now that I’ve gone ahead, the conviction’s pretty strong.

    It’s the response we get that counts – will it be the usual arrogance? Or will the corporates actually stand up and listen?

    Spread the word, there’s strength but only in numbers.

  4. Soul says:

    organised crime is what it is bro. its happening right before our eyes and we’re letting them get away with it.

    We got so used to informal buying during those crazy hyperinflation days we still got some kind of hangover. Back then, change wasn’t the priority, priority was getting the stuff you were looking for.

    Supermarkets know what they’re doing is criminal but as long as they can still get away with it, they’ll just continue. an enjoy it while it lasts thing for them.

    As for close friends taking offence with the FB page, dude, they’l always be someone who doesn’t agree. And I bet you this site’s got great potential to get so controversial you’l be tempted to just switch off. Grassroots initiatives like this one have a way of upsetting fat cats big time!

  5. izzy says:

    What irks me, is that if they are making such an effort to get change, why do they not accept coins from consumers. I went to one of the spars in the near vicinity of my workplace about a week ago. my bill came up to about $6.15. the teller tells me i have no change, so i offer him Botswana coins equivalent to 15 cents and he says i’m afraid i cant take that. so i point to the notice behind that says we take US, SA and Botswana currency and still he says he can only take rands. so i offer him USD25, a quarter of a dollar, and still he says he can only take rands.You say you cannot find coins, i offer you coins and you do not accept me and cant explain why. Does that make sense to anyone?? it may seem like such a small amount, but if you count the credit notes and sweets or boxes of matches you have been forced to buy – that is a bit of money there. another question – can i use the credit note from Spar to buy a coke from Chicken inn? no. so to me, that is not change. i’d rather have my money and i think retailers should step up their efforts to make sure we get it. i am after all a paying customer, i’m not making noise from the blue

  6. Joe says:

    A friend of mine likes to tell a tale, not sure how true, of how his older kid is steadily gaining weight, given all the chocs and sweets he’s almost GUARANTEED everytime the family hits the shops.

  7. Ruvimbo Ruzvidzo says:

    I agree Joe, i have so many pens in my house coz my thought is one will always need a pen. However, i am right handed only and can therefore only write with one hand at a time. This means at some point, i won’t want any more pens for change, what then?
    If we count what we have wasted in pens, chocolates, sweets, matches etc…we might have bought cars by now.
    I want my change!!

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