Well done, Utande

Wadzanayi has nothing but praise for Utande;

I just want to applaud Dandemutande’s Support Centre for a splendid job they are doing.

I believe these people are one of the most responsive service providers in Zimbabwe, yes. Having have dealt with soo many internet service providers, these guys have shown a great deal of responsiveness, feedback and politeness.

Our organisation had a uMax unit last year and whenever the service was down, just one phone call would solve the trick and if they say they will get back to you, they always did, on time!

Special mention to Mr Omar (who was our account manager) and Alistair.

You guys have been amazing, keep up the good work.

High praise, indeed. We just hope their service doesn’t degrade with time and increasing customers.

Well done, Utande.

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  1. Nzou says:

    I have used Utande for close to two years now and their customer service is something we are not used to in Zim. Brilliant I must say. Well done Utande.

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