Dear Econet Wireless

Updated below The weekend before last there was a data outage. I have seen no explanation whatsoever, whether online or via SMS. And we all know how you love to send SMS. This past weekend was the same. In fact, Sunday was the day I really needed a reliable data service, and there was none….

Is Telecel any good?

There comes a time when any cellphone user has had enough.

Enough short messages lost in the wind.

Enough calls dropped for no evident reason.

Enough ineplixable network outages, signal droppages and service stoppages.

Every user has their limit, and I believe I have received enough product offers and random useless midnight messages from Econet to last me a lifetime.

Inspired to Spell Things Wrong

Updated below I ranted at Econet about their mobile broadband offering on my personal blog earlier this month, and posted a screenshot of a MASSIVE typo on the (new) homepage. It’s still there today. Judge for yourself. Also, the share price hasn’t changed either. Is anybody out there? Update 1 At 1156hrs today, I mailed…