Harare’s seven water treatment chemicals

I remember a time when, as kids, we played outside all day long, only coming inside for meals and when the day was done. When we got thirsty, it was a matter of simply opening a tap and drinking to your heart’s content. Some of us cupped our hands and splashed the cool water all over our faces and into our mouths at the same time, while others would cock their heads to one side and sip and slurp loudly.

Happy Customer Service Week

Have you noticed a difference in the way you have been treated in supermarkets, banks and other retail outlets in the past week? Have you been treated with a bit of the respect a paying (or potential) customer rightfully deserves? Have they rolled out the red carpet and finally made an effort at providing good customer service? If so, don’t be alarmed at the sudden change of attitude! I’m here to allay your fears about this strange behaviour, and furnish you with an explanation.