How to Write a Better Complaint Letter

So you’ve been wronged, and now you’re mad. I get it. You want someone to know, and you want something done about it. Before you fire off that angry email or courier that letter, take a second to breathe. Here are a few tips to help you achieve the desired results.

The Executive Email Carpet Bomb

Here’s a classic tactic for rattling the corporate monkey tree to make sure your complaint gets shoved under the nose of someone with decision-making powers. Let’s call it the “EECB,” or Executive Email Carpet Bomb…

Inspired to Spell Things Wrong

Updated below I ranted at Econet about their mobile broadband offering on my personal blog earlier this month, and posted a screenshot of a MASSIVE typo on the (new) homepage. It’s still there today. Judge for yourself. Also, the share price hasn’t changed either. Is anybody out there? Update 1 At 1156hrs today, I mailed…

Welcome To The Show

Hi there, and welcome to Zimbabwe’s very first consumer complaints blog. I say very first as I’ve seen no evidence of anything close, and I have looked.

Boy, have I looked. Often I have found myself with a problem, frustrated by a lack of response from the powers that be. I actually planned this blog three years ago, but a combination of factors conspired to make it a pipe dream until now.